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12th to 14th July 2019

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Three unmissable Blues & Boogie public concerts, great dance, great food, wine and masterclasses at at our very special venue in the heart of the fabulous Aquitaine countryside of south west France …………..

3 jours immanquable concerts de Jazz, Blues et Boogie Woogie et danse géniales. Venez profiter du vin, de la restauration et cours au cœur de notre merveilleuse campagne d’Aquitaine..

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FEATURING / avec………

Deanna Bogart USA PIANO & SAX

Lluis Coloma SPAIN / Espagne PIANO

Paddy Milner UK / Angleterre PIANO

Luca Sestak GERMANY / Allemand PIANO

Lukas Koeninger AUSTRIA / L’Autriche PIANO

Nikki Santilli & Patrick Hood UK / ANgleterre DANSEURS


“Oh, goodness me, thanks SO much to everyone involved in putting this event together. We found it all quite overwhelming and, sitting in the wonderful creative space that is L’Espace, with the side open and the sun sinking in the soft night air, we felt just so happy to be alive and here in this favoured nook.”

“ Bouleversante expérience, je tien s à remercié tous ceux qui ont créé cet événement. Nous avons été émerveillés par ce site créatif qu’est L’Espace, son flanc s’ouvrant sur le soleil couchant dans la douceur de la nuit. Nous étions heureux d’être vivants, ici même, dans ce lieu protégé. “ SP2018


Deanna Bogart is an Iinternationally acclaimed American Blues and Boogie Woogie pianist, saxophonist and singer. In the early 90s she began her solo career and today is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist and multifaceted musician who combines her dazzling keyboards, soulful saxophone, smoky vocals into a splendid blend she calls “blusion.” which is spontaneous, sophisticated, fearless and fun. It has garnered her three consecutive Blues Music Awards, Horn Instrumentalist of the Year and a nomination in the “Pinetop Perkins Piano Player” category. When she became the first woman to win the Blues Foundation award for her saxophone playing in the instrumental category, she told the audience at the awards ceremony, As an adult, winning this is wonderful. But I can’t tell you guys,” she said, tapping her chest, “how cool it is for the 11-year-old girl in here.”

Deanna Bogart est une artiste américaine de Blues & Boogy Woogy de renommée internationale. Au début des années 90, elle commence sa carrière en solo et aujourd’hui des trophées d’instrumentaliste et musicienne multifacettes qui combine du clavier pétillant, un saxophone vibrant et une voie rauque, en un mélange somptueux qu’elle appelle « Blusion ». C’est spontané, sophistiqué, sans peur et amusant. Cela lui vaut 3 trophées consécutif, Blues Music Awards, Instrumentaliste Cuivre de l’année et une nomination dans la catégorie « Pinetop Perkins Piano Player ». Lorsqu’elle est devenue la première femme à gagner « le Blues Foundation Award » pour son saxophone instrumental, elle déclara à l’audience de la cérémonie « en tant qu’adulte, gagner c’est merveilleux, mais je ne peux pas vous dire » dit-elle en se frappant le torse « à quel point c’est cool pour cette gamine de 11 ans ».



A gifted composer as well as performer, her debut LP, Out to Get You, appeared in 1991, followed in 1992 by Crossing Borders; a four-year hiatus preceded the release of New AddressTiming Is Everything was self-released in 2003, followed by Real Time in 2006. 11th Hour appeared in 2009 from Vista Music. Everybody Has A Story in 2011 and Just a Wish Away in 2014.

Talentueuse compositrice ainsi qu’artiste, son album de début, « Out to get you », sorti en 1991, suivi en 1992 par « Crossing borders » et après 4 ans de labeur « New address est sorti. « Timing is everything » produit seule en 2003, s’en suit « Real time « en 2006, « 11th hour » est apparue en 2009 avec Vista Music, « Everybody has a story » en 2011 et «  Just a way » en 2014.


Drawing on a variety of musical sources ranging from Boogie Woogie to New Orleans R&B to swing to rock & roll, singer and barrelhouse pianist Deanna Bogart has emerged as one of the most eclectic performers in contemporary Blues and has played alongside, and collaborated with, many of the world’s most celebrated musicians including Jimmy Buffett, Moody Blues, Joe Louis Walker, Paul Reed Smith, Three Dog Night, Skunk Baxter, BB King, Buddy Guy, James Brown, Doctor John, Robert Cray, John Hammond, Ray Charles, Neville Brothers, Leon Russell and Monte Montgomery.

Issue d’une variété de source musicales, en passant du Boogie Woogie au New Orleans Rythme & Blues, le swing, le rock& roll, aussi chanteuse et pianiste de bar. Deanna émerge tel une artiste éclectique en Blues contemporain et collabore avec beaucoup d’artistes mondialement reconnu, incluant Jimmy Buffett, Moody Blues, Joe Louis Walker, Paul Reed Smith, Three DOG Night, Skunk Baxter, BB King, Buddy Guy, James Brown, Doctor John, Robert Cray, John Hammond, Ray Charles, neville Brothers, Leon Russell and Monte Montgomery.

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Lluís Coloma is Spain’s most celebrated ambassador of Blues & Boogie Woogie, combining traditional Blues and Jazz with an incredible left hand and a uniquely Spanish and Catalan flavour. Born in Barcelona in 1973, Lluís started classical piano studies at an early age. After hearing the sounds of Jerry Lee Lewis, Roosevelt Sykes and Alan Price he migrated from classical lessons to self-taught Rock’n’ Roll, eventually showing a remarkable ability for Blues and Boogie Woogie. From his early days this outstanding Catalan pianist has been giving powerful performances full of virtuosity and creativity.

LLuís Coloma est l’ambassadeur espagnole le plus réputé pour le Blues & Boogie Woogie, combinant le Blues & Jazz traditionnel avec son talent de gaucher au gout hispanique et catalan.  Né à Barcelone en 1973, LLuis à débuter avec des leçons de piano classique à un très jeune age. Après avoir écouté les sons de Jerry Lee Lewis, Roosevelt Sykes et Alan Price, il migre vers l’autodidacte du rock & roll en démontrant du talent pour le Blues & Boogie Woogie. Depuis ses débuts, ce pianiste catalan de renom à donner de puissantes performances pleines de virtuosité et de créativité.



For many years now, Lluís has developed a personal Blues and Boogie Woogie style, writing and playing his own compositions for numerous recordings such as Remember, Boogieology, Lonely Avenue, Boogie Portraits , Seven Nights at Central, Racan Roll, Boogie Wins Again, and Rockin’ My Blues Again. He has also recorded duets with great Blues & Boogie Woogie piano players Carl Sonny Leyland, Barrelhouse Chuck, Mitch Woods, Bob Seeley, Mark “Mr B” Braun, Frank Muschalle .

Depuis de nombreuses années, Lluis a développer un style qui lui est particulier au Blues & Boogie Woogie, il écrit et joue ses compositions tel que Remember, Boogieology, Lonely Avenue, Boogie Portraits, Seven Nights at Central, Racan Roll, Boogie Wins Again et Rocking My Blues Again. Il a aussi enregistré des duos avec le grand Boogie Woogie pianiste Carl Sonny Leyland, Barrelhouse Chuck, Mitch Woods, Bob Seeley, Mark « Mr B » Braun et Frank Muschalle.



Lluis is invited regularly to play at many of the top Blues and Boogie Festivals both in Europe and Internationally including the Miri Jazz Festival, Voxstock Blues Festival in Belgrade , Boogie Woogie Festival in Beaune , International Boogie Woogie Festival in La Roquebrou, Boogie Woogie Festival, Lugano, Switzerland, Jazz au Mercure, and Caveau de la Huchette in Paris and many more. His magical mix is much in demand both throughout Europe and Internationally.

Lluis est régulièrement invité à jouer aux plus grands festivals de Blues et Boogie Woogie en Europe et internationaux comme le Miri Jazz Festival, Voxstocks Blues Festival à Belgrade, Boogie Woogie Festival à Beaunnes, Festival in La Roquebrou, Boogie Woogie Festival à Lugano en Suisse, Jazz au Mercure et Caveau de la Huchette à Paris. So mélange magique est tellement demandé en Europe et à travers le monde.

Read more about Lluís …. Apprendre plus sur Lluis Coloma

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Paddy Milner is not only recognised as one of the leading blues piano players in the world - he is currently keyboard player of choice for Sir Tom Jones, following several years with the late great Jack Bruce - but also as a superb original songwriter and distinctive singer. His current group, Londonola, plays homegrown British music with a strong dose of New Orleans spirit. He has won the award for BEST KEYBOARD PLAYER at the British Blues Awards.

Paddy Milner est non seulement le pianiste leader dans le monde Blues, il joue aussi pour Sir Tom Jones, et avant cela pour le regretté Jack Bruce – mais a aussi un superbe et original talent d’écrivain et chanteur. Son groupe actuel, Londonola, joue de la musique créée au Royaume – Uni avec une forte dose d’esprit de New Orleans. Il a gagné le trophée du meilleur pianiste au British Blues Awards. 



Milner burst onto the scene in his own right at aged 19 with his debut album 21st Century Boogie. The album garnered international accolades within the Blues world and beyond. Milner’s next album, Walking On Eggshells achieved No.1 in the official French Jazz/Blues charts and Dave Brubeck himself became a fan of Milner’s arrangement of his Unsquare Dance. After hearing Paddy’s third album, Based On A True Story, on French radio Ray Charles’ musical director Jean-Michel Bernard invited him to record his next album, The Curious Case of Paddy Milner, in Paris. The album delves deeper into a roots driven sound and shows his love of the Blues combined with a whole hearted embrace of popular song. It is as much inspired by Brian Wilson’s melodic pop symphonies as it is traditional Blues.

Milner est arrivé devant de la scène à 19 ans, avec ses débuts 21st Century Boogie. L’album lui a value les honneurs de ses pairs dans le monde du Blues et plus encore. Le prochain album de Milner, Walking on Eggshells a atteint N°1 du top Jazz/Blues en France, et Dave Brubeck est devenu fan avec ses arrangements musicaux sur Unsquare Dance. Après avoir entendu le troisième album de Paddy, Based on a True Story, sur les ondes françaises, le directeur musical de Ray Charles, Jean- Michel Bernard l’invite pour l’enregistrement de son prochain album, The Curious Case of paddy Milner à Paris. L’album plonge profondément dans les racines du son et démontre son amour pour le Blues, combiné avec son affection pour les chansons populaires. C’est autant inspiré par la mélodie Pop de Brian Wilson que par le Blues traditionnel.


Milner’s album, Based On A True Story took Paddy on a worldwide tour performing alongside some of the most revered legends of Blues and Boogie Woogie. He and his band ‘The Big Sounds’ collaborated extensively with top U.S. blues/soul singer Earl Thomas producing the excellent self-titled album Earl Thomas with Paddy Milner & The Big Sounds. He has performed with the likes of Tom Jones, Jack Bruce, David Gilmour, Eric Burdon, Van Morrison, Phil Manzanera, Joss Stone, McFly, Boy George, Steve Lukather as well as the cream of the international Blues scene. He is a co-founder of the Ronnie Scott’s Blues Explosion which enjoys a monthly residency at the legendary Ronnie Scott’s Club in London.

L’album de Milner, Based on A True Story, amène Paddy en tournée mondiale aux cotés des légendes du Blues & Boogie Woogie. Son groupe, The Big Sounds, et lui-même on collaborer intensément avec le top du Blues américain, Earl Thomas, produisant l’album de leurs noms, Earl avec Paddy Milner et The Big Sounds. Il a joué avec Tom Jones, Eric Burdon, Van Morrisson, Phil Manzana, Joss Stone, McFly, Boy George, Steve Lukather ainsi que la crème du Blues internationale. Il est cofondatuer du Ronnie Scott’s Blues Explosion, qui a une résidence mensuel au légendaire Ronnie Scott’s Club à Londres.

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At age 7 Luca was introduced to classical piano and after two years, and having won 1st prize with advancement to the State Contest level he accidentally discovered Jazz, Blues and Boogie Woogie. From then on he became self-taught, studying in depth pieces of this music style and presenting them at various occasions with great success. By age 11 he was publishing some of his own pieces on the internet where they quickly achieved great popularity.



Luca recorded his first CD album Lost in Boogie in November 2013. A year later he participated in the biggest Boogie Woogie Festival of the world in Laroquebrou, France. In 2014 he released his second album New Way. Today Luca’s programme contains mainly his own compositions and interpretations in which he expresses his unmistakable, virtuoso style. He includes in these the most varied directions of music from the Blues and Boogie Woogie through Jazz and funk all the way to pop, rock and the classics.


With rising recognition, numerous performances at festivals, and concerts followed in his home country as well as abroad with big-name pianists of the genre such as Silvan Zingg, Deanna Bogart, Vince Weber, Bob Seeley, Frank Muschalle and Ben Waters. From 2010 to 2012 Luca presented his own concert series under the name of “Blues im Schaf” in Karlsruhe.

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Guest Musician

Lukas Koeninger, self-taught pianist from Austria, took his first steps in music at the age of 17 when he discovered boogie woogie in his father's vinyl collection. 

Shortly after this he began to teach himself to play piano and soon was participating in local groups. In 2015 he moved to France and started working as a street musician with his project, Lukas et le piano voyageur - Lukas and the travelling piano. 

Currently working on his first album, Lukas is thrilled to be back to play at the festival again for the second time. He will be playing alongside the other artists and assisting Deanna with the workshop sessions over the week.


Nikki is a vintage jazz dancer living and teaching in London at the Hot jazz Rag. She teaches solo and partnered vernacular jazz dances from the 1920s to the 1940s, such as Charleston, Jazz Roots and Balboa.

Nikki has performed various swing dance styles on the London stage and on television, most recently in The Tracy Ullman Show and in a new Gershwin cabaret.



Nikki wrote the stage show Journey Through Jazz, which was staged at the Arts Depot in 2009 and 2010. She advised on the jitterbug scene for the West End show, From Here To Eternity and recently co-wrote and choreographed Tales From the Jazz Age for Youth Music Theatre in 2016. The relationship between dance and literature is an ongoing interest and has resulted in her dancing alongside poets reading their work.


Individual & Group Instrument and Dance MASTERCLASSES

 If you're passionate about creativity, music - and jazz, blues and boogie woogie in particular - then join our award-winning musicians and dancers for three days of intensive musical adventures leading up to the Blues & Boogie Weekend concerts. Whether you’re an accomplished musician or dancer passionate about continuing your studies, feel it’s too late to learn - or somewhere in between - this is your chance to discover your potential with one of our superb performing musicians and dancers/teachers in a fun, focused, and supportive environment. “Together you’ll tame the doubt and let the creativity out…”

There will also be a talk about the history of the overlapping traditions of jazz, blues and boogie woogie on at the weekend led by the musicians and dancers with an opportunity to ask questions, hear style and see the dances that developed in parallel.

All levels of musical experience are welcome.

More about one-on-one & group masterclasses