Get ready for the best musical fun of your life!

TUESDAY, 9th to FRIDAY, 12th JULY 2019

Don’t miss this intense musical adventure, a rare and exciting opportunity to share ideas and techniques with our four superb blues, boogie and jazz musicians. The relaxed, supportive sessions, tailored to the needs and level of each individual participant - either individual or within a group. Both individual and group sessions will be tailored to suit any level of experience from beginner to professional.


The fundamentals of rhythm, flow and phrasing

The conversation of jazz, blues and boogie woogie, including   sentencing, construction, harmonic development, melody, and rhythm

How to become musically liberated using melody as a basis for improving your improvisation.

Learn to listen to, and understand, the sounds and play them when you want to.

Discover how to translate existing repertoire subject to skill level and personality.

How to progress practice effectively, build a routine and develop strategies to overcome obstacles.

Group sessions include playing with a rhythm section

An opportunity to play alongside motivated peers as well as some of today’s top musicians of the jazz genre.

Explore the history of jazz and how it has adapted to the present day

General question and answer sessions with particular attention to student

PRICES per person for Instrumental workshops

INDIVIDUAL sessions: 1, or 2 hour slots. 

GROUP sessions: 2 hours / max 8 participants

1 hour private session 75€

2 hours private session 130€

3 x 2 hour group sessions 495€

Once we have an idea of bookings we will let you know which individual or combination of our performing artists will be leading your event..

PRICES per person for Dance workshops

1.5 hour private session 60€

1 hour private session with max of 3 couple 30€

1.5 hour group session 18€

Discover where your unique inner voice can take you

Establish a basic foundation from which to progress

Learn and improve innovative playing skills

Clarify the art of accompanying both yourself and other players

Construct solos