up to speed / mettre a jour


Some of you may have already bought tickets for one (or all) of the three concerts - thank you - but for those who’ve put boking on a back burner, this is a little reminder that our  venue can only accommodate a limited number of seats, and tickets need to be bought in advance.

  • Pianist/singer/songwriter Paddy Milner

    Paddy will be making a special break his tour with Tom Jones in the US and Europe to be with us for the first time this year. He has recently emerged as one of the most distinctive new talents in the UK, which explains why Gerry Bron - legendary rock manager, producer and record label boss – has come out of retirement after fifty years in the music business to sign him to the iconic Bronze Records. Milner’s original vocal sound, influenced by distinct genres including ska and Britpop, is underpinned by his virtuosic jazz, blues and boogie woogie piano playing and intricate arrangements. He is a co-founder of the Ronnie Scott’s Blues Explosion which enjoys a monthly residency at the legendary Ronnie Scott’s Club in London.

    “The best blues piano player in Europe…” Blues Access, USA

    “I love it…here’s a guy who can really play the piano” Dave Brubeck

  • Pianist/saxophonist/singer, DEANNA BOGART

    The next couple of months will see Deanna touring the East Coast of America - Tour de East 2019 - when she will showcasing her superb piano and sax in a combination of boogie-woogie, contemporary blues, country and jazz in a splendid blend of what she calls “blusion.” As an award-winning, multi-instrumentalist and multifaceted musician she plays to packed houses and gives workshops all over America. This year she will be leading one-on-one classes and group Masterclasses before, during and after the Blues & Boogie Weekend: “Thought you could never play an instrument?”, says Deanna, “well, I guarantee that after one session you will be able to play a tune with both hands, or you’ll get you money back”! Can’t say fairer than that….

  • Pianist / composer LUCA SESTAK

    In 2010, at the tender age of 15, Luca recorded his first CD album “Lost in Boogie” and one year later he was invited to perform at the biggest Boogie Woogie Festival in the world in Laroquebrou, France. As well as live performances all over the world (in 2018 he performed for the second time at the San Francisco Boogie Woogie Festival alongsisde WENDY DEWITT, JEAN-PIERRE BERTRAND, BALÁZS DANIEL and SILVAN ZINGG). Meanwhile, Luca’s own compositions and interpretations - a fusion of blues and boogie through jazz and funk all the way to pop, rock and classical music - are selling like hot-cakes and are available to buy online as sheet music.

  • Pianist LLUIS COLOMA

    Lluís’ Flamenco roots have allowed him to produce a unique style that seamlessly merges Blues and Boogie Woogie with more traditional Spanish music - an unforgettable sound full of virtuosity, freshness and spontaneity. As a result he is regularly invited to play at the biggest International festivals alongside other well-known artists such as Axel Zwingenberger, Erwin Helfer, Mike Sanchez, Jean-Jacques Milteau, Sax Gordon, Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, James Harman to name but a few.

    Listen to Lluís’ spectacular rendition of "How Long Blues" in the style of Jimmy Yancey (from the album " Lluís Coloma - Rockin' My Blues in Chicago").


    At the last Blues & Boogie Weekend at L’Espace in 2017, we were thrilled to meet young, local pianist, Lukas Koeninger. Lukas’ love of Boogie is infectious and he will be returning this year to aid and abet our four central performers, Deanna, Luca, Paddy and Lluís. A self-taught pianist from Austria, at the age of 17 Lukas discovered Boogie Woogie in his father's vinyl collection and was soon participating in local groups. In 2015 he moved to France and started working as a street musician with his project, Lukas et le piano voyageur / Lukas and the travelling piano.  He is currently working on his first album.


    Have you ever experienced the great feeling obtained from spending time out on the dance floor? Teens aren’t the only ones who can dance their way to mental and physical health. There are many obvious benefits, supported by research, and adults of all ages can reap the benefits with improved moods and cognitive skills, not to mention increased strength and agility. Nikki Santilli runs vintage jazz dance school HotJazzRag in London, where she demonstrates and teaches the Balboa, Jive, Lindy Hop and other styles to all age groups. She and her dance partner, Patrick -the artistic director of the adult amateur dance company, Minerva (an adult amateur ballet company) will be offering individual, partner and group sessions before and during the weekend.


Ask anyone who’s been before and they will tell you there’s always great food available to eat before, during and after the Blues & Boogie Weekend concerts. This year we’ve invited two great local chefs to take care of all the catering, and we can guarantee a fine selection of savouries and sweets throughout the weekend. There will be plenty of delicious choices on both evenings and at the Sunday Picnic and Booking a meal beforehand is always a good idea if you don’t want to miss out…….


We love organising and hosting The Blues & Boogie Weekend every other year at our celebrated venue, L’Espace, but we could always use some extra help…. If you love being around great musicians and have some free time you can spare to help, before or during the event, we would love to hear from you! You might have a few good ideas, too, that we haven’t thought about - just let us know…….