Get ready for the best musical fun of your life!

TUESDAY, 9th to FRIDAY, 12th JULY 2019

Don’t miss this intense musical adventure, a rare and exciting opportunity to share ideas and techniques with our four superb blues, boogie and jazz musicians. Both the individual sessions and group workshops will be relaxed and supportive with an emphasis on improvisation and context, and each class tailored to ability and musical goals. They will be designed to suit all levels of experience, from beginner to professional, and will aim to transform the relationship they build with the Blues through understanding more deeply where it comes from and what it is.

All levels of musical experience are welcome.


  • The fundamentals of rhythm, flow and phrasing

  • The conversation of jazz, blues and boogie woogie, including   sentencing, construction, harmonic development, melody, and rhythm

  • How to become musically liberated using melody as a basis for improving your improvisation.

  • Learn to listen to, and understand, the sounds and play them when you want to.

  • Discover how to translate existing repertoire subject to skill level and personality.

  • How to progress practice effectively, build a routine and develop strategies to overcome obstacles.

  • Group sessions include playing with a rhythm section

  • An opportunity to play alongside motivated peers as well as our performing musicians.

  • General question and answer sessions with particular attention to student’s musical problems.

  • The Sunday Morning group event will cover the overlapping histories and development of Jazz, Blues, and Boogie Woogie, share the stories of some of its great performers and provide perspective for the rest of the classes 

PRICES for Individual and Group Instrumental Masterclasses

  • INDIVIDUAL sessions: 1 hour slots 85€. 

  • GROUP sessions (max 8 participants): 90mins / 50€ per person

Classes with our 5 great musicians are strictly limited so book now to avoid disappointment